For many years the issue of how and when LFC would expand their stadium had remained unanswered, leading to poor housing, stagnation and tensions in the local area.

The Anfield Project not only presented an opportunity to expand the stadium but also unlocked a 260 million pound programme of regeneration, which would benefit local businesses and residents alike.

A key requirement of the planning process was the involvement of local residents and businesses in the vision and to garner their support for the proposals.

the challenge

All attempts to achieve community and local business owner buy-in had failed. Failure to resolve would lead to costly delays, risk of losing government funding and potentially destabilise the entire project.

Many residents were living in poor housing, not knowing whether their property would be repaired, demolished, or even if they would be rehoused.

our approach

Our research demonstrated that until these more immediate and pressing matters were resolved, residents and business owners were neither willing nor able to enter into any consultation process.  They were literally unable to think beyond their own front door and viewed any attempts to engage as a 'tick box' exercise.

We worked with the partners to create a streamlined processes that residents could use to resolve immediate issues.  Using this approach, small repairs and answers to questions concerning the future of their property would now be resolved within a three-week window.

the results

By accurately diagnosing the bottleneck and then creating a cost effective solution we exceeded our engagement targets by 67% achieving in-depth engagement with over 1800 residents who lived within the immediate regeneration zone.

Comparable households without assistance did not engage in as great a number as those that benefited from the support.

Subsequent sentiment checks found that widespread mistrust and negativity had been overcome and residents held a largely positive view of the proposals and the consultation process.

This 260 million pound scheme was completed on time and to budget and is held up as benchmark of urban renewal. This wouldn’t have been achieved simply by providing more information about what the consultation process entailed or reminding people of the risk presented to their long term quality of life by the scheme falling through.

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