What's going bump in the night? Some thoughts concerning alcohol, night time and taxis.

Liverpool City Centre collision hotspots (night time only)

Liverpool City Centre collision hotspots (night time only)


So we now know that 40% of adult pedestrians injured in Liverpool are involved in collisions between 6pm and 6am.  When we narrow this down a little further and take a weekend night, say Saturday for example, we find that over half (54% ) of adult pedestrians  injured on a Saturday are involved in collisions between 6pm and 3am. Between midnight and 6am in Liverpool this figures is reduced to 13% over all days of the week.

This seems to be concentrated in a few key  locations and surprise surprise these are also popular night spots.  So it's fair to surmise that pedestrian consumption of alcohol (and potentially drugs) could be a significant factor in the extremely high adult collision statistics for Liverpool.

Something else that's becoming of interest, is the fact that taxis are massively over represented in the data when compared to both our network AND our socio demographic comparators, (read our previous blog for more information on how we selected comparators).

Again, when we look at this in a more detail, a significant number (42% ) of adult pedestrian casualties hit by taxis were in collisions between 9pm and 3am.


This is really interesting, because potentially there is a link to be drawn here between pedestrians, alcohol and taxis.

Without going and seeing for myself, it is difficult to say what's really happening.

So, tonight I'm going to head out to Hanover Street, a notorious collision hotspot,  to see what 's really going on.   Im going to wrap up because the forecast is for below freezing !

Nicola Wass   So-Mo