Meet the team

Tony, Phil, Holly and Nicola will form part of the core team

Tony, Phil, Holly and Nicola will form part of the core team

So-Mo will be leading  this project, but we thought it would be good to  let you know exactly who's on board.

So-Mo's skill set spans  psychology particularly in the field of  behavioural science, community engagement, marketing,  and digital strategy. We're a team with extensive experience in road safety campaigns, having delivered interventions in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Northern Ireland and Bristol so we think we're well-equipped to tackle this problem.


PHD researcher Holly Hope Smith

PHD researcher Holly Hope Smith


Guiding our progress will be psychology researcher ; Holly Hope Smith who  specialises in the design, implementation, and analysis of behavioural change interventions.  She will be advising us  in the design, testing and implementation, stages of this commission.



Tanya Fosdick - Senior Research Associate for Road Safety Analysis

Tanya's  role in this project will be  to undertake the analysis in the discovery phase, explore collision data alongside supporting sources to help us really understand the risks facing adult pedestrians in Liverpool.

Tanya Fosdick

She will also  be advising So-Mo on what other data needs to be collected before we can start to define where interventions might be most effective.

Finally Tanya will be responsible for  designing and managing the evaluation of pilot schemes. 

Tanya is not afraid to address contentious subjects.  She has previously worked with Humberside Police to improve data quality in their child protection database after the Soham tragedy. She then entered road safety by becoming an analyst in the safety camera unit, selecting sites and deciding when speed enforcement should take place. Needless to say, She has always had interesting dinner party conversations!


Ian McPhail, Eric O'Callaghan, Dan Holdsworth

We are being supported by a wide range of partners including  Local Authority, and Roads Policing Team.

Merseyside Police

From the Merseyside Safer Roads Problem Solving Group, we have  Ian, Eric and Dan who oversee strategic direction in developing a safer traffic infrastructure across Liverpool and surrounding boroughs. They are keen to explore solutions with us and are willing to aid in our observations and interventions