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we are a leading Behavioural Interventions Agency

We help you understand how people really make decisions, then introduce small changes that achieve big results

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We find ways to 'stand in the shoes' of the people whose behaviour we are seeking to change in order to first understand and then shape the behaviours that guide people's choices.   over the years we have sat in the back seat of driving lessons, mapped the journey of young carers leaving home for the first time and even spent time observing how people under the influence behave on the road at 2:00am!

This level of commitment to observation and in-context testing allows us to design creative, cost-effective and innovative solutions to real world problems.


The So-Mo team apply the latest thinking in psychology, human-centred design and behavioural science to successfully address problems in transport, health and social enterprise

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our approach at its most simple

If we’ve learnt one thing, it’s that people are predictably unpredictable. 

This can make it difficult to design interventions that deliver the change that is needed. Misdiagnosing a problem, then applying an inappropriate solution, inevitably leads to wasted time, effort and money.

Our approach offers a better way to understand  behaviour, achieves a more accurate diagnoses of what needs to change and results in better-designed solutions.

From building more  effective communications, to designing interventions that help people make smarter choices, we deliver solutions that work.  

So-Mo Approach Behaviour Change Process

what we're proud of

Our clients tell us it's the way we blend insight, strategic thinking and creativity that sets us apart.


what our clients say

The work we delivered in conjunction with So-Mo not only formed the foundation of the UK exporter journey, but the customer insight we gained has transformed our whole service delivery approach.
— Tanzi Robinson, Department for International Trade
So-Mo were successful in involving the public and in getting them to take ownership of the key messages. This innovative programme has had a lot of interest nationally. We hope to build on this and take the programme forward.
— Susie Gardiner, Strategic Lead for Public Health Liverpool City Council
So-Mo equipped us with skills and knowledge to progress innovative approaches to promoting behaviour change and acceptance of new speed limits. By engaging So-mo, we hit the ground running, reducing costs, saving time. Toolkit training was practical and inspirational.
— Eileen Hewitt, Professional Lead 20mph Programme City of Edinburgh
Their innovation and creativity combined with well-established behaviour change and psychological approaches have delivered on the projects and changed how we think and work as a team with impact beyond immediate project commissions.
— Mel Jones, Head of Traffic Management Birmingham City Council
Thanks for a great job and helping us change driving behaviour and creating a safer environment for road users.
— Helen Wigginton, Sustainable Transport Bristol
Totally changed my outlook on how we do campaigns and how we use campaigns
— Andy Codd, Road Safety Coordinator Liverpool City Council
So-Mo’s coaching was precise and informative. Kids Court went really well, and has resulted in us winning a NI road safety award. Thanks So-mo for all your help.
— Jacky McDowell, Roads Policing Northern Ireland

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We are a small team with a social conscience. Every one of us is driven to continuously deliver outstanding work that inspires and ultimately exceeds expectation. Our process is agile and user-centred all of which ensures your time and money isn't wasted.